• Dear Ms.Cassy, Thank you for this incredible experience of showing us how you make your collage art. I learned that art is mostly created using feelings and inspiration, so your art expresses your feelings. I enjoyed the elephant you made out of pieces of magazines. Your art shows that you care about your environment a lot.
    ~ Diana Villicana, 5th grade
  • Dear Aunty Cassy, Thank you for inspiring me with your pop out art and your collage. I learned how to make my own collage picture for my room. I enjoyed looking at all your art, especially the fairies and their little cute fairy house you made with sticks and leaves.
    ~ Kaimani Ynigues, 5th grade
  • Dear Aunty Cassy, Thank you for showing our class your art and discussing how you became a wonderful artist. I learned how to make a collage, and how to use my imagination. I enjoyed spending my fun time with you and learning new things. Thank you!
    ~ Alexa Tayamen, 5th grade
  • I am a proud owner of three of Cassy White's pieces and each one evoke's a unique feeling of nostalgia. The way she is able to open up a treasure chest of emotions using colors, shapes and textures is unmatched. I am especially impressed by the infinitesimal detail and materials that make up the image as a whole. Viewing each piece up close and from afar provides two very different experiences - both of which are equally amazing.
    ~ Lisa Franke (Kona, Hawaii)
  • What can I say... Creative...Yes, Unique... Yes, Orginal... Yes, Beautiful... Yes, Inspiring... Yes. The piece that Cassy commissioned for my wife and I, was truly more than we could have imagined. You see, before Sarah (my wife) and I got married we invariably started to create "pet" names for each other. Well, as you would have guessed, we are now labeled as the infamous "Boo-Bears". Cassy, her work, and her love for what she does goes into each heart-filled piece as if it was going to be her last. Cassy's work is truly, one of a kind. Vibrant stones, colorful gems, and tropical sand are just a few of the wonders she incorporated in this wonderful work of art that truly touches our soul.
    ~ With Aloha, Jason & Sarah Watford (Kona, Hawaii)
  • Dear Cassy, thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent and insightful, energized art with me. Your lion print found its home in an artful copper and smoked edge frame and is the focal point gracing the African decor in our bedroom in Seattle. As you know I carried your postcard print of the lion in my purse for a year, so finally getting to meet you and see your work in Kona was a gift. The medium, colors and designs you create are masterful and carry a playful presence that elicits comment from all who view your work. Can't wait to view your new pieces when we return to Kona this year. Love your work.
    ~ Holly Call (Seattle, WA)
  • "My family and I had the good fortune of meeting Cassy several years ago when she assisted our family on a vacation to Hawaii. At the time we just had our son Logan and Cassy made an instant connection with him during their week of being together. At the end of the week it a was teared fill goodbye for us all as we made such a terrific bond with Cassy as she is such a beautiful and caring soul. Logan was upset having to say goodbye however we've had many wonderful hellos over the years. In that time my wife and I were blessed with our daughter Sidney, or we affectionately call her, "Hoots". As was the case with Logan, Sidney and Cassy also developed a strong bond that will last for many years to come. When we saw Cassy's owl print it reminded us of the wonderful connection our family has with this special person and we had to have it. We're in the process of framing our Cassy White original and once it's done it will proudly hang in my daughter's room. It will be a lovely reminder of the unique bond we have with her and the pleasant memories our family enjoyed with her in Hawaii."
    ~ Ryan Waters, California
  • "My husband and I were blessed with a baby boy late in 2014. From the day he was born, monkeys seemed to find their way to him; stuffed monkeys, monkey blankets, pajamas... you name it, he had it (unintentionally). We stopped into a local shop one day and came across a local artist who had an absolutely magical way of bringing animals to life on canvas. When we looked at the signature on the pieces, we were surprised to see a familiar name, Cassy White!! We called her immediately in the hopes that she would create something special for our son. She did exactly that! This piece is something we will cherish and forever be grateful for. A living memory to be passed on for generations to come."  
    ~ Stevie & Leia Thompson
  • Thank you for the bunny picture. It reminds me of Jefferson. You are the best aunty ever!!! I love it because it’s soft and you can pet it. It’s my favorite thing I have. I love it so much.

    Ps. I love his wings the most because he’s an angel!!

    ~ Love, Taime - Kona, Hawaii
  • When I saw "It's all Roses" for the first time I was stunned. It was such a pleasant surprise to see my passion on canvas. Being a performer in Hawaii is pretty surreal most of the time-- performing during tropical sunsets and writing under starry skies. There's a feeling I get when I play-- like I'm in a wonderland. I cannot explain this feeling to anyone-- honestly I've never tried. Cassandra however, without me ever discussing this with her, was able to capture this feeling with her piece. Without any hesitation she portrays one of my most fulfilling yet private joys. When you look at this piece, please know that this is how I feel inside when I perform. Pure Surreal Joy.
    ~ Tim Rose, Oahu http://timrosemusic.com