Bitzy“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies,” is decaled on my wall next to a birdcage covered in butterflies. The door is always left open…reminding me of the freedom of change. I don’t want to be caged or restricted from life. I want to grow. The comfort of the familiar can be wonderful, but it can also create a stagnant atmosphere. I see more growth in myself when I am uncomfortable. It forces me to adapt to my surroundings, have faith, and trust in the strength of the wind. A butterfly is beautiful when it glides. They look like they’re struggling when they desperately flap their wings to stay in flight. But, when they rely on the gusts of wind to carry them where they’re meant to go, they are gorgeous. They are free.

When I’m working on a piece, or have a piece in mind, somehow I am surrounded with inspiration…if I’m paying attention. When I wanted to do a butterfly, they were everywhere I went. I was surrounded in a world of them. Sometimes there were two butterflies dancing with each other in a whirlwind, all consumed in love for one another. Today, I feel if I am paying attention to the tiny creatures of this world, then I am present. I am grounded and connected to the land, the universe, and all that it offers. Inspiration can come from anywhere, as long as I am open to it.